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How many Floridians are we sending to Nats? Both CFLs and NFLs. Post here if if you or someone you know is going, and what event. Because, we all know FL rocks.
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for cfls, i'm going in congress. my district is also sending brand kroeger, my favorite republican from fort walton beach and justin collins and mike wallach from sarasota. my teammates grace adamson and nick thompson are going in extemp along with katie morris in dec, and the only other person i can remember is julie bills from pine view in LD.

nfls - ruby dekhargani from academy and justin collins from sarasota in senate, alexis something in house and i don't remember anyone else. oh and overing and shephardson from lakewood in PFD, eicholtz and eicholtz from cambridge in PFD as well as anna kroeger in DI and phil tizzani and james cattaneo in duo.

florida sunshine represent! *rolls eyes*
hey! are you from nova? and if u are what event?
yeah, I am a proud Nova-ite. I do Congress and PFD. werd.
do u know a guy on ur team who did duo at novice and varsity states, bat boy?
yea, josh leskar, he's one of my best friend's little brother
o and...
cfl: river has justin for hi
sarah for congress
and i think julie for extempt,
logan oo
maybe more i dont remember
lol, cool, and why the interest in joshy?
just wondering. i met him at states and couldn't remember his name
cfls: mike valdes,* matt friendly,* matt turetzky, shaun notman, matt futch and matt cynamon for congress. in di, me'lisa modestil. in oo, lauren davidson, rob smith and margot karolewicz. in extemp (don't remember ix/usx specifically): hauchie pang, nattie rigol, jeremy friedmar... i think that's it in extemp. * = not nova-ites. I honestly don't remember the whole district. I would assume Monique Robinson qualified, but I'm not certain.

nfls: in congress, shaun notman, matt turetzky, matt futch, matt cynamon, and MY SOPHOMORE michele lewkowitz (she rocks). in PFD, natalia rigol/alexandra wall and dulce vazquez/pamela leskar. in DI, david kenton and I don't remember the rest. DUO, david kenton/me'lisa modestil and ryan sulak/his partner?. in oo, rob smith and I forget. in extemp, josh rovenger, hauchie pang, david rothenberg and a girl whose name I forget (sowwy). in LD, jon reinstein and mark ingram.
OI - momo? I think? HI - Alex Weisman like what, who double qualled (like david kenton). I really don't remember the speech events that well, other than nova kids, most of whom those are. I 'pologize.
haha- 8 day debate competition starting the saturday after school ends!- its sure to be a partay :-)! Did Miller decide rooms yet?
I resent the fact that you forgot me Alex im dissapointed in you! J/K
ack see i told you i was no good at remembering speech. dana robinson reppin' in interp for shizzle!
I'm sorry, I really dont want to go and list everyone that I know who's going, but I'll be at CFLs in DP
I'm judging policy at CFLs. There are other people going...and I even know some of them. But I think I'm the only one that matters.


PS Everyone should feel sorry for policy and their 6:30 AM opening assemblies.